Frequently asked questions

When will my trailer be ready?
Futura Trailers aim to supply an in-stock trailer of your chosen configuration within close proximity to your location in the shortest amount of time possible.

This is typically within 2-6 weeks for lowering trailers, though in rare circumstances may be a little longer than this. Tilt Deck trailers have an estimated lead time of 12 weeks. Ramp Trailers are scheduled for delivery in Q4 2023.

Please enquire with us directly if the delivery time of your trailer is particularly important.

Where can I receive my trailer? (Vehicle Trailers)
We have collection points across the lower 48 states. Should your location be further from a collection point than you wish to travel, delivery of the trailer can be arranged for an additional fee. 

Where can I receive my trailer? (Personal Watercraft Trailers)
PWC Trailers must be collected from Paramount, California. If you require alternative freight options please enquire directly with us for more information.

Why am I paying only a deposit?
Payment of a deposit secures your order. Due to high demand for our trailers, we recommend placing your order as early as possible.

When is full payment required?
You will be invoiced in full prior to receiving your trailer.

Can I order accessories later on?
Absolutely. Futura Trailers Premium Lowering Trailer Accessories can be ordered through your local dealer or by contacting us at any point in the future. However, if you want these pre-installed, we recommend they are ordered at the same time as the trailer.

Are trailers covered by a warranty?
Yes. We offer a two-year limited warranty on our vehicle trailers.

We offer a five-yr limited warranty for chassis and one-yr for components on our personal watercraft trailers. 

Are Futura Trailers road legal in the USA?

Are Futura Lowering Trailers electric?
The motor that lowers and raises the deck is powered by an onboard 12-volt battery.

How do I charge the electric motor battery?
The lowering trailer battery is charged via connection to the tow vehicle and the solar panel charger while in use. Also included with the trailer is a 110-volt plug-in adaptor.

Do you offer financing?
Futura Trailers does not offer financing at this time, however some of our dealers do. Contact us if this is a requirement.

Are spare parts available?
We supply a range of spare parts for our trailers. Parts can be ordered through a Futura dealer or by contacting our sales team.